Writing Documentation


Contributions to the documentation are much appreciated.

What is used to write the documentation?

This documentation is written in Sphinx, a documentation generator written in Python.

The documentation is written in reStructuredText (reST), a very easy to write plain text format, relatively similar to Markdown.

So see what the source looks like, click the Source link in the footer of this page.

Where is the documentation?

The reST documentation files are located in the converse.js code repository under docs/source.

How to generate HTML from the source files?

Generate the HTML

After installing the dependencies, you can generate the HTML by running:

make html

The HTMl files will be located in ./docs/html

What make html does for you is it installs zc.buildout which is used to install Sphinx and all its dependencies.

You’ll need to have Python and Virtualenv available on your computer.


When contributing, please don’t commit any generated html files.

Serving the documentation

To view the generated docs, you can run make serve and then open http://localhost:8000/docs/html/index.html in your browser.